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  • How could someone Learn Numerology?

    How could someone Learn Numerology?

    Simple, the same way that everyone learns everything complex i.e. from the best!

    Mind you, Numerology is a very powerful branch of the large tree of occult sciences.

    Numerology is the science that reveals the mystical powers of numbers and their phenomenally powerful effects on us. Plus, Numerology also provides us with the remedial applications of numbers to steer one’s life away from hurdles and towards unforeseen success & prosperity!

    Hence, it is of paramount importance that you only learn Numerology from someone who is a highly experienced professional practitioner of this occult science. This is simply because mere theoretical knowledge is not adequate in imparting the sacred knowledge of Numerology in the true sense. The teacher has to be someone who has applied the theoretical concepts of Numerology onto several real-world examples or case studies.

    The teachers of “Future Point” as well as “Indian Astrology”, are the best that there are, when it comes to holding an absolute command over the respective occult domain/s (including Numerology) that they teach as well as practice.

    So, when it comes to learning Numerology or any other branch of occult, then look no further and contact either Future Point or Indian Astrology to successfully learn the desired sacred branch of occult.

    Wishing you a happy learning!

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  • Excellent Vastu Tips for the Flats and Apartments

    Excellent Vastu Tips for the Flats and Apartments

    Vastu shastra is an ancient wisdom that provides guidelines for constructing buildings and maintaining their aesthetics. It affirms bringing prosperity to the dwellers by doing so. Today, more and more people are building trust in Vastu by experiencing its positive results in their lives. One can apply Vastu tips to their flats or apartments for auspicious results and success. Vastu ensures balance in the five basic elements, Air, Water, Ether, Fire, and Earth. When there is an imbalance in these elements in the structure, the dwellers face suffering, diseases, losses, and failures in life. Learn Vastu Shastra to ensure prosperity and happiness in your lives. Vastu knowledge is essential in today’s time as it helps maintain a peaceful home environment. The good vibes at home keep your mind light, and you tend to perform better at your workplace. Better performance in business or jobs leads to success and prosperity for the natives. 

    Vastu tips for flats and apartments

    Vastu shastra believes that cosmic energy surrounds every corner of our premises. This energy can be either positive or negative, depending on the circumstances. Creating a balance in this cosmic energy is essential to achieving prosperity and peace. Vastu ensures financial abundance and health for the dwellers of a house or flats. One should learn astrology from an expert to understand how to construct or maintain flats or apartments using Vastu principles. 

    Why is learning Vastu important?

    Vastu has proved its excellence since ancient days. Scholars believe that Vastu knowledge helps achieve success in every aspect of life. If the environment around you is loaded with positive energies, you tend to make the right choices. Your mind remains calm and good thoughts affirm positivity in your activities. One can join the best online Vastu courses at Future Point to get thorough knowledge of the subject. The teachers at Future Point are the best and have experience for several decades. Yes, not years but decades! You can never go wrong with Future Point.

    You may find many courses for Vastu but all except those at Future Point lack step-by-step learning set in different modules. You also get expansive yet to-the-point study material. You can be assured about effective learning and start working as a professional Vastu expert once you get your certificate after the course. You get certificates for all the courses done at Future Point. Trust the best teachers and education curriculum at Future Point and master the field of Vastu Shastra.

    General Vastu Tips for the Flats

    The directions East, North-East, North, or North-West are the promising directions for the house’s entrance. It is good to have the puja room in the North-East corner of the house. It is the Ishaan-Kona of the house and is known to bring positivity. The puja room can be colored in light and neutral colors as per Vastu rules. The temple made of wood or marble is good.

    The master bedroom, if located in the South-west corner of the house, brings marital bliss to the couple. It also brings health, prosperity, and longevity to the couple. 

    Constructing the guest or children’s bedroom in the North-west direction of the house is good. One should avoid bedrooms in the South-East or North-East directions as this badly impacts health.  

    One should opt for a square or rectangular-shaped plot. 

    The kitchen should never face the same direction as the main door. 

    The flats should avoid having balconies in the South or West direction. 

    South is the direction of Yama, and thus the flats facing the South direction are not considered good. But, for some people, it may be their luckiest direction based on the birth chart. 

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    The kitchen plays a significant role in determining the happiness and prosperity of the house. A kitchen is a place where we use fire, one of the most important of the five basic elements. The kitchen can affect the flow of cash in your business. The ideal placement for a kitchen is the South-East corner of the house. However, one may refer to East, West, North-West, and South directions for constructing a kitchen. The gas stove should be kept in the South direction of the kitchen. Vastu shastra recommends keeping a yellow marble slab under the gas stove. The lady should face either the East or South direction while cooking food. 

    Storage in the kitchen is recommended on the southern corner. One should keep all the electronic gadgets in the Eastern corner. 

    The entrance is the main area to attract positive or negative vibes to the house. One should keep the main entrance well-lit. Some plants can be added to the entrance. The direction of the main entrance should be toward the North, East, or North-East. The lift or elevators should not be placed in front of the main door. The directions for the main entrance are northeast, East, West, and North.

    Put an attractive nameplate at the main door as it attracts prosperity and wealth for the dwellers. The main door should be the largest among all doors. The foot mat at the main door keeps negativity outside the home. A wooden door is auspicious. A threshold stops negative vibes and jealousy from entering the home. One should keep the main door in good condition. Proper oiling is required to avoid noisy opening and closing of the door. One should avoid red lights near the main door. The number of steps at the main entrance should be odd. One should always take the right foot forward while leaving the house. 

    Many small yet significant tips bring prosperity to the house if taken care of. It is only through learning Vastu Shastra and understanding the logic behind its principles that a person can take maximum benefits from it. Everyone should have Vastu knowledge to apply in daily life and safeguard against many adversities. Small Vastu tips can bring big wonders to everyone’s life!